Art Designs

The option to purchase the art from the pre-made book covers separately is now available under the following terms:

  1. Artwork is sold and licensed only once. After completion of purchase the art/pre-made cover will be removed from the website.
  • Artwork may only be used for book covers and promotional materials related to the particular book it is used for.
  • Artwork and Derivative Works from the artwork may not be resold in any media. Derivative works from the Artwork is not permitted.
  • Artwork is sold as-is. No major changes or alterations in the artwork can be made before or after the sale! No Exceptions!
  • Model images in the artwork excluding those labelled as “Exclusive” were purchased with a non-exclusive, multi-use, web + print license. Backgrounds and background elements were purchased from photo stock websites, which retain the original copyright.
  • Model images in the artwork labelled as “Exclusive” were purchased with an exclusive or a primary exclusive license for images shot specifically for The Midnight Muse in a custom session. Backgrounds and background elements were purchased from photo stock websites, which retain the original copyright.
  • Addition of Book Title, Author Branding, and other text is not included in the sale. You may add your own, hire a cover designer or purchase the existing pre-made cover at the advertised price.
  • Addition of cover text and other elements does not transfer the artwork copyright to you or your artist. Design Credit should state: Art Illustration by The Midnight Muse with a separate credit given, when applicable to the end designer.
  • The Midnight Muse, Teresa Spreckelmeyer and the various sources from which the artwork is created retain all copyright to the artwork, source files, images, and materials used in producing the artwork. Artwork Source Files or PSD files are not available for sale, nor can access be granted to anyone.
  1. All Artwork licensing sales are final. No refunds, or returns/exchanges will be entertained.

PRICING: Art Designs posted for sale individually will be priced as marked. To determine the final price for art currently being used on one of the available pre-made covers, take $25 OFF the posted price.

To purchase one of the art designs from an existing pre-made cover or one available specifically designated as an art-only sale use the form provided at the bottom of the BEFORE YOU BUY page. Like the pre-made covers, art designs are sold on a first come-first serve basis.