Before You Buy

Updated 12/31/2019 for 2020

  • Please read through this information carefully and completely before purchasing . By proceeding with your purchase you will be indicating your agreement to the terms and details listed here.
  1. Cover Designs are sold and licensed only once.
  • Cover Designs may only be used for book covers and promotional materials related to the particular book it is used for.
  • Cover Designs may not be resold in any media. Derivative works from the Artwork is not permitted.
  • Model images in the artwork excluding those labelled as “Exclusive” were purchased with a non-exclusive, multi-use, web + print license. Backgrounds and background elements were purchased from photo stock websites, which retain the original copyright.
  • Model images in the artwork labelled as “Exclusive” were purchased with an exclusive license or use images shot specifically for The Midnight Muse in a custom session. Backgrounds and background elements were purchased from photo stock websites, which retain the original copyright.
  • The Midnight Muse, Teresa Spreckelmeyer and the various sources from which the artwork is created retain all copyright to the artwork, source files, images, and materials used in producing the Cover Design. Artwork Source Files or PSD files are not available for sale, nor can access be granted to anyone.
  1. All Cover Design licensing sales are final. No refunds, or returns/exchanges will be entertained.

Additional Details

Credit (when included in your publications) should read Cover Art Illustration by The Midnight Muse

All Designs are sold AS-IS! So be 100% sure before you purchase that the art is EXACTLY what you are looking for. REQUESTS FOR CHANGES WILL BE RESPONDED TO WITH A CALL TO UNLEASH THE KRAKEN!

Unless permission is expressly granted in advance, changes or alterations made by the buyer to the art after the sale are STRICTLY FORBIDDEN! Should we be made aware of this rule being disregarded, then the buyer will be denied/blocked from making further purchases.

Purchases are not considered complete and the buy link is not de-activated until payment has been processed. In the event that a second buyer slips through this small window, the time stamp on the purchase will be used to verify the correct buyer and the other will be notified of the duplicate sale regarding a refund or credit towards a future purchase.

Additional note on “Exclusive” designs:

Many of the art designs labelled “Exclusive” are created using model stock that has been shot exclusively for The Midnight Muse. In some cases, entire galleries of images from the custom shoot sessions have been purchased specifically for the creation of the designs showcased here and for use on covers created specifically for a single client.

While each design is totally unique and created from a single photo from the series that will not be re-used, The Midnight Muse retains the right to use all the additional photos from the session in other works. This allows me to keep the prices for Exclusive designs well below what an author would pay for a single custom image and design anywhere else.

For information on Custom Cover Designs Click Here