Before You Buy

Please read through this information carefully and completely before sending a purchase request for one of the pre-made cover designs currently available for sale. By initiating a request through the form provided you will be indicating your agreement to the terms and details listed here.

  1. Cover Designs are sold and licensed only once.
  • Cover Designs may only be used for book covers and promotional materials related to the particular book it is used for.
  • Cover Designs may not be resold in any media. Derivative works from the Artwork is not permitted.
  • The stand alone art illustration is NOT included with the sale. See Details below.
  • Model images in the artwork excluding those labelled as “Exclusive” were purchased with a non-exclusive, multi-use, web + print license. Backgrounds and background elements were purchased from photo stock websites, which retain the original copyright.
  • Model images in the artwork labelled as “Exclusive” were purchased with an exclusive or a primary exclusive license for images shot specifically for The Midnight Muse in a custom session. Backgrounds and background elements were purchased from photo stock websites, which retain the original copyright.
  • The Midnight Muse, Teresa Spreckelmeyer and the various sources from which the artwork is created retain all copyright to the artwork, source files, images, and materials used in producing the Cover Design. Artwork Source Files or PSD files are not available for sale, nor can access be granted to anyone.
  1. All Cover Design licensing sales are final. No refunds, or returns/exchanges will be entertained.

Design Details

All Cover Designs are labelled for intended usage as either eBook Only or as an eBook + Print package.

The final product the buyer receives for purchasing an eBook only design will include the desired cover with their name and title added in two (2) JPG files delivered via a download link. One sized to fit the specification of most online retailers and the second, specifically for Barnes and Noble which requires a smaller file size.

Purchase of an eBook + Print package will include the ebook files as stated above and a .JPG and PDF copy of the print layout once completed. This package includes a print layout for only ONE (1) print service. Layouts for additional services are $25 per service.

On both Ebook only and Print packages, Series title or logo will be added for no additional fee, ONLY if the client can provide the original in either PNG or PSD format. Custom creation of a NEW series title or logo requires an additional fee of $20.

The Stand alone Art work is NOT included in the sale but can be purchased separately for PROMOTIONAL USE ONLY! by request for $50. The Midnight Muse retains all copyrights to the art work and changes are expressly forbidden.

Purchase does NOT include additional Title or series changes related to foreign distribution! Changes PER LANGUAGE can be purchased for a fee of $20 per cover. Client must provide accurate translation text.

ALL the designs on this site are sold only ONCE and then removed.

Credit (when included in your publications) should read Cover Art Illustration and Design by The Midnight Muse

Purchase Details

In the form provided below please indicate the ID# of the cover design(s) you wish to purchase and choose any of the additional services required.

You will receive a response in 24-48 hours on requests made Mon-Fri. Allow 3 days response time if request is sent over the weekend.

You will be emailed a confirmation of the design’s availability, along with a request for the additional information needed to complete the cover per the options chosen on your inquiry form.

In the event that multiple inquiries are received for the same design, the time stamp will be used to determine order. Should an order be cancelled (see below) the next person will be notified regarding the change in availability and given the option to purchase.

All Payments will be made through Paypal.

Payment for the purchased design or package along with any of the optional service fees is required before the cover design is removed from availability on the website! Buyer has 48 hours to complete the purchase before the invoice is cancelled and sale is terminated.

All final product files will remain available for download from the link(s) provided for a maximum of 90 days. At which time they will be removed and no longer accessible.

*By sending your request you are agreeing to all the terms and conditions provided on this page, so be sure that you have read through them completely before proceeding!